1 on 1 training

It’s all about you

Personal Training clients train in the private outdoor PT area that is not accessible to gym members unless they are with a trainer at all times. PT clients also have full use of all indoor gym facilities. We have an extensive team of highly skilled and professional personal trainers with different techniques and qualifications to meet your needs.

Receive a complementary session and health screen to determine if you would like to make any further bookings or benefit from the $99 introductory 3-session package. No locked in contracts. We run 45 minute sessions as we believe that 30mins is not enough time to train you and listen to your progress, answer questions and give you a proper warm up and cool down. Stretching is important so you can also choose to allocate time at the end of the session to get rid of all those knots and sore muscles. Training starts at $50 per session depending on the trainer and ur specific requirements.

2 on 1 training

Share the cost, experience and results!

Fitness Done Different also offers 45min 2-on-1 private training sessions.

Both of you will be provided with the trainers’ undivided attention and a fun, motivating and challenging training session that will assist you both in achieving your goals!

If you don’t like to work out alone and you need someone to be with you every step of the way, train with a friend and a Fitness Done Different trainer! Training starts at $35 each per session.

Small group training

Group training is a fun, motivating and cost effective way to achieve some fantastic results with a personal trainer.

Our group training is conducted outdoors to cope with large groups of people when needed. With a team of experienced, entertaining and highly motivated male or female instructors and the choice of a few different days and times there is a group session for everyone.

Join in one of our groups today for just $10 or grab a group of friends and create your own private group.

Corporate training

Corporate training is also available for those business people who are looking for convenience.

Selected trainers will travel to various locations in Brisbane to provide services to corporate groups looking to really improve their fitness. Days and Times are subject to availability of our trainers but we are happy to assist you in finding an appropriate trainer for your teams needs.

We also provide Fitness Testing and Corporate Challenges to those who like a little healthy competition and team building.