Meet Our Trainers

Luke MarshDirector, Owner & Coach

Luke is the Director of Fitness Done Different and the reason this studio/gym is still open 9 years later. He started the business and helped as many local people as he could to better their lives and push them to achieve their ultimate body and happiness. He has helped with the Biggest Loser constestants behind the scenes earlier in his career. He continues to transform the lives of others and has a new found passion for BMX. He has created his own BMX team and trains his althletes for Worldwide competitions.

Stephanie MarshOwner, Coach

I assist with gym consultations and the management of the gym. Lean muscle gain, toning and strength are the key to happy and healthy women. Our bodies change rapidly as we age and my intention is to prolong life, look younger, feel younger and encourage women to get their pre-baby bodies back. I focus on a combination of weight training, cardio and clean eating habits. After 8 years in the industry I am also highly skilled with male clients and love seeing them get the abs and lean body they always wanted through weight training. I am a qualified CRANKIT instructor, Kettlebell instructor and Fusion instructor.

Steve BeckCoach

Having run 7 marathons and 42 half marathons and well over 100 parkruns (5k) I like to specialise in training clients for running injury prevention and injury rehab. My personal journey involved struggling to gain weight and muscle in my twenties and I understand the mental anguish of being the skinny guy is just the same as being the overweight one, and after getting my training and nutrition right I am happy to have put on 30kg since year 12 and love the balance of running and lifting.

Ashlee DolmanCoach

I love helping people realise how amazing their bodies are and create belief in their abilities and beyond that. I’m a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and love being a PT. I base my clients training values around proper technique, activation and being real about the work they need to put in to get where they want to be.

Nick ShieldsCoach

Rehabilitation is my main focus with training. Coming from a heavy sporting background, injuries were ever present. How you deal with these injuries needs to be monitored closely to ensure you keep momentum with your training. Working with one of the countries most well known and respected Physiotherapists is a huge key to the success of my clients.

Levi UsherCoach

Being an athlete myself my goal as a PT is to push my clients to their limit and get the best out of them to smash goals. I am very focussed on strength training, plyometrics, power and endurance. I am also a coach of the younger riders and strength train other athletes.

Josh JamesCoach

I like to focus on resistance and mobility with my clients, coming from a heavy sporting background I know how important mobility is. As well being a competitive national powerlifter I know what it takes to get the most out of your body and how important a strong foundation is for everyday life.

I like combining all the knowledge I have learnt to build the best program that works for them. I’m not just another “One size fits all” trainer when it comes to my clients.

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